I Cannot Rest From Travel

Life is really a brilliant journey. Between our daily work, our families and the solitary moments, we experience so many unique things each day. These days I am pushing hard to complete my tenth year of teaching, preparing for my adventures in Paris, Montreal and Japan, learning how to use my new medium format camera and photographing some new products for my major client, Paderno Cookware.  Then there is keeping up with what exciting things are being done by friends like J.C. Smith…it is too easy to get caught up the scrambled jumble of panic.
Paderno Cookware
If there is one thing that I have taken to heart this year is that when we insist on being positive no matter what the problem, then good things will follow and the positive will persist. For instance, while preparing to take home my new Profoto D1 Air light system on the back of my motorcycle I accidently kung-fu’d my rear tail light right off the Monster. Not too long ago I would have become upset, sad and embarrassed; the cost of repairs alone would have created some stress to be sure.  What happened? I laughed at the oddness and accepted this to be a great opportunity to have some upgrades on the Ducati. Problem solved without stress.

What’s the point? The point is that life is far too random to stress about, because it will paralyze you until there is no beauty left in it. The travel photography that I have done in the past four years in Cambodia, Bangkok, India, Saigon, Egypt, Jordan, South Africa, Vancouver and the southern USA, has always focused on taking the time to notice the little moments versus the big ones, the moving away from something and towards something else. While on the road, anything can happen and it does, and that is what makes it so joyous to be alive; out there in the moment.

My goal in the past 365 days has been to travel as much as I humanly could while still working at my career and building my photography business.  Having done that, I can confidently say that I intend on continuing with this,  because I value the sensation of movement and the new experiences I find. Whether its swimming in the Red Sea at sunset, photographing Great Whites of the coast of South Africa or eating cannoli outside an Italian bakery in Boston, life can be an adventure.  I may be exhausted or puzzled about how to make the pieces fit, but I can always take satisfaction in the art of a life intense. By chasing light, I have found much more than I ever expected.

I was looking at a great photo of Sir Richard Branson last night. There was a beautiful, naked model (Denni Peterson) on his back while he kite-surfed around his private island. It was a beautiful photo, but perhaps more stunning was the whole adventure that Branson brings to his life and the people around him.  Perhaps he is the best example of a modern day Ulysses, seeking brave new worlds and moments.

So maybe the next time you find yourself wondering why the world is so hard, you might grab a camera and just walk. Get back out on the path and try to find the moments occurring while you walk the zombie most work days.


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