Domo Armigato: The Mad Adventures of Suishi Boy

Two weeks until Tokyo and I am totally unprepared. I was meaning to go get a bunch of yen at the bank, but then went rollerblading instead. I have always wanted to travel to Japan. It should broaden my vision of this big old world in a completely different way than say India or Africa

I have been shooting 35mm film this week to prepare for Japan. I had the camera loaded with b&w film and since I only want to shoot Japan in colour, I have to use it all. I cautiously picked up another $80 worth of Kodak rolls yesterday; some 120 Portra 160NC and some 35mm Kodak Ektar 100. The Portra NC should give me an option for more moody shots in comparison to the 10 rolls of Portra 160VC I already had. The Ektar is Kodak’s new…yes, new…film which is supposed to give a clean image for scanning and enlarging. I am excited to try it, and for my EOS 3 it should help me capture many sneaky street candids. I wish my EOS 1D had the same eye control focus as the EOS 3…it is so amazing to be able to pick where I want to focus just by looking at it in the viewfinder. There might be some good opportunities to purchase some used Mamiya lenses in Tokyo, since they are made there and the used market is not appealing to that culture. Buy new; buy the best new. I would love to pick up a 120mm Macro there. Still, between the food, art, fabrics and lenses, the camera equipment takes backseat. 

Anyway, I am traveling  there for ten days and expect my photos to be some of the best I have ever taken. I would love to capture some geisha images, the fish market in the morning, some zen garden shots and then the Harajuku girls. But I am just going to take things as they come. 

Life is such an up and down rollercoaster, but I love it that way. I have learned over the past year – and I do mean learned by rote – that if you want the best things then you should expect the worst, too. Maybe I have also accepted that the worst is just what it is, and that it will pass like all other things as long as I keep moving and chasing light.  It is not just about the pins you can stick in a map (although I do love doing that), but rather the experiences you allow yourself to have, the chances you are willing to take and the dreams you want to chase down the sidewalk with your tattered butterfly net.


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