Buying Camera Candy

I have to stop. I have been spending hours endlessly searching the internet for my latest camera lens. Finding the perfect next step lens for me was critical, because as I have written before the lens provides the perspective, the framing, the colouring and the mood of any photograph. In my case, I was looking for a high quality piece of glass that would force me to understand manual photography better so that I can control the light like a professional. The main problem with manual lenses is that there are a few more steps required before taking a photo and focusing is a little tricky. I have really strong eyesight, so autofocusing is not as critical as it might be in a decade, and since moving back to film I find that time moves more slowly thereby making photography more Zen.

Life (1 of 1)

Maybe I am old fashioned, but I also am really attracted to the idea that a lens is made of metal by a smaller manufacturer that can’t be bought at Future Shop. After looking and biting my nails I finally decided to buy a Hasselblad CFE 80mm f.2.8 lens. I ordered it from Keh in Atlanta as a BGN-graded lens, from whom I bought my Mamiya 645afd, too. I decided that for $399 I would take a risk that it might be a little beat up since new this lens is going for $2989.

Why buy a used Hasselblad lens when I shoot with a Canon and a Mamiya camera? Simple: I bought Chinese-built adapters so that I could use it on both cameras. Hopefully, this will let me shoot different images on my favourite platforms, will improve my skills and let me buy an old Hasselblad camera when I feel like really frustrating myself.

I should get the lens and adapters next week and will post some photos to let you decide if this was the correct way forward. Regardless, I know that the feel of this lens will call me to use it all the time, because I have been salivating over the Hasselblad feel since I first laid hands on one a few months ago.


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