Putting the Hasselblad Back into Christmas

It is almost official: Mingus [my dog] might have ordered a second Hasselblad lens for my Christmas present this year! The word on the street is that he is awaiting delivery of a 120mm Makro-Planar CFI f.4 lens from KEH Camera in Atlanta, Georgia. I will admit that I am totally in love with the V Series lenses made by Zeiss, and have found that the 80mm Planar CFE f.2.8 lens I procured two months ago has become my favourite lens for still work. The Zeiss glass simply looks more professionally photographic in a timeless way. Obviously, it does have its limits as I am forced to shoot fully manually, need to use a lens adapter ring from Photodiox and without the ProShade I have gotten too much flare from a white background. Choosing a 120mm macro lens seemed to make the most sense right now because 90% of my photography commissions have involved food, and with product photography being able to get in tight to a product is critical when packaging shots are involved. I am hoping for great things from this lens and will make sure to put up some samples and a review in the weeks to come…after Christmas.

It has been an interesting week in terms of work. My first takes on the upcoming book cover photo were reviewed by the author and now an official re-shoot can happen tomorrow. The video editing in Final Cut Pro I was doing for a client is approaching completion, and I have four boxes of cookware in the studio that need various styles of photography accomplished; a kitchen full of food will be required to fill the shots. I am also about to call Vistek to inquire about renting a Phase One 30+ digital back for the Mamiya medium format camera, because I will need higher resolution than the 10 megapixels that my Canon EOS 1DmkIII allows.

On the fun front…I am hoping to do some neat Christmas photography for my portfolio. Christmas is a magical time of year for me, and I would love to capture the lights and food of the holiday in a series. Stay tuned for some examples of my latest work!


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