Time, Time, Time See What’s Become of Me

My brain and time has been filled with so many new thoughts over the past few weeks that it has been difficult to find the time to write. My project to listen to Handel’s Messiah on vinyl went as planned, but I had no time to reflect on it in writing. My Hasselblad 120mm Makro lens arrived, I spent some time getting a real feel for it by taking some quick snapshots with it, but there has certainly been no time write anything valuable yet.

Photo taken with Hasselblad 120 Makro lens on Canon EOS 1D mkIII

There have been a few evenings spent watching informative tutorials from Scott Kelby Training and Lynda.com, and it is always time well spent when I can learn new software or photography techniques in a way that would have been unheard of just a year or two ago. Video has been an elephant in the room for me, too. Most of the current photography publications are raging about how professional photographers are needing to diversify to be able to capture short, viral clips for the internet to support work for their client shoots, and while I am loathe to admit it, it does make some sense. The question for me is going to be how to do such work rapidly and not lose the focus on my actual photography. Ironically, since my last blog about this I was given some paid editing work to produce footage. Taking the time to learn Final Cut Pro made sense, so I used this opportunity to learn the program while working on an actual project. Overall, I enjoyed the process, but I am not so sure if an audience would respond to my video in the same positive way as I have experienced with the photography. Other than online venues that pay nothing, where do you exhibit this art?

The Hasselblad lens demonstrates a "photographic" look and feel.

The answer lies not in the present. We are now on another verge of media evolution that will take us to some new dimensions. In fact, I spent a few hours talking with an old friend and university professor about how the literary text is about to undergo some radical layering and content development; the possibilities were mind-boggling and will certainly influence where I envision my own work evolving to. Still, we are not there yet, and the technology will morph exponentially before we arrive there.

My plan is to continue capturing content, developing my skill set in new areas , and to wait for the right wave before I ride to shore. If there is one thing I can be sure of, then it is that timing is everything.

Finally, I have a portrait session booked for Sunday with a wonderful family that should be fun if nothing else. Oh, and I submitted a proposal to exhibit my series My Nightmares Are In Japanese as part of the Exposed exhibition at The Gladstone Hotel for the CONTACT Festival 2010. I cannot imagine a better place to roll out my first exhibited work, so keep fingers crossed. It will involve some more extensive editing of my images  than what is currently on the website, but that is the point of an exhibition, really: to be forced to edit work until it is solid enough for the public sphere.


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