The Niagara Ice Wine Festival 2010

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

One of my favourite events has to be the Ice Wine Festival in the Niagara Wine Region. Every year, the best wine the area has to offer is proffered to all those who can appreciate the honey of the gods known as EisWein.  Frankly, it is not so much the wine, as it is the generally happy vibe and the special treats made to match the wines. From ice sculptures to cupcakes and marshmellows everything is handmade and made well.

Icewine Cupcakes

V. and I rented a car at the last minute and drove down for a day of tasting. Along our travels we stopped at Hillebrand, Peller Estates, Konzlemann, Chateau des Charmes, Strewn and Pillitteri. The first three vineyards took the honours of having the best events and wines, while the other were just fun to visit.

Icewine Chocolate Cups

We had V.s camera for some quick shots; the real goal was not to be photographers, but to just capture some of the fun we have together on a daily basis. The Canon 50mm f.1.8 allowed for some fun shots that really caught the feeling of the day. No flashes needed here.

I have to admit that these were the best marshmellows I have ever had in my life. It might have been the roaring fire or the attitude of those around us, but I think I could not have spent my $5 in any better way. My face and stubble might not agree with that, but a little mess is worth a lot of memories.


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