Febtober Incubation and Hibernation

I do not care what T.S. Eliot said, February is the cruelest month in Canada. There is no light, there is no warmth, people at work are angry all day long, everyone gets fat, and Valentine’s Day happens.  It is the nature of anyone who was born here to hide from the world until at least April. The one redeeming quality of February is that you can begin planning your next big adventure: the summer vacations.

In an ideal world [which is the world I choose to make], my summer is leaning towards some beautiful places: India and Italy. I know that upon my return from India that I insisted I would never visit there again…but I will admit that India, for all of its many horrors, still lingers in my memory as the greatest place for adventure. I also know that V. has been really interested in a journey from Delhi to Amritsar through Dharmasala into Varanasi and then across to Jodhpur. Photographically, there are infinite possibilities within these places of pilgrimage, and upon looking at my negatives from the last trip, I know that I can capture far better images now that I actually know what I am doing. I also picked up a Hasselblad 501CM from David Odess in the USA – a repair guru for the iconic camera- for the possible adventures. I really think that I know what I want to capture on these journeys and that a 6×6 film format is the way to go, despite the insanity of it all.

The new Herman Miller Aeron for the studio

Italy would be a continuation of last year’s trip to Paris with my mother. I have never been, despite what seems like a dozen fine art history courses I attended in university on the Italian Renaissance. One week of walking through Rome, Venice and Florence might kill my mother, but I think she might do it anyway.

On the work front, I am receiving some new products from Paderno to capture for packaging, and I am certain the catalogue season for them will soon begin. Time for me to get ready for a few sleepless nights in the studio.  Outside of photography I have also been inspired to begin a project exploring how education needs to re-evaluate what it values in the classroom; it will involve about a year’s worth of studying what the great creative masters have to teach us about the uncertain future.

Dr. Tim Conley’s book of essays on Joyce should be published in March, which will feature one of my photographs he commissioned for the book cover. Tonight brings Scott Manning’s gallery exhibition at the Studio Vogue Gallery, which will feature some of the VinylFetish editor’s painting. I can’t wait to see what he pulls out of the rabbit hole tonight. I am afraid that I will be on my own tonight as V. had to fly home to Trinidad for her grandmother’s funeral; I only wish that I had been able to travel with her.


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