On Faking My Own Facebook Death

While it took two weeks of backbreaking labour, the ubiquitous Facebook has finally been removed from my life. (Un)fortunately, my account was hacked by spam, and instead of explaining to people that I had not thought they would benefit from an Acai Berry Workshop I decided to fake my own death. Leaving the application is not easy, however, and required that I systematically remove my images, information, postings and friends over a time period before requesting an account delete. Perhaps I will miss the late night chatter with friends that I cannot see on a regular basis, but it made sense for this stage of my life. My website is running effectively and the blog remains the best way to see exactly what I am up to these days.

The Bayon at Angkor; the reason why I wanted to become a photographer.

This March Break has been one wherein I have slept, scanned through some photos, taken care of errands long pushed aside (like dry cleaning and buying new clothing for work). The images posted on this blog are all taken from 35mm negatives scavenged this week and reworked for cataloguing.

Thursday has V. and I are heading to Chicago for 4 days, which should be both exciting and educational. Chicago has always been that city I have been meaning to visit, but due to costs and timing it has just never worked out. Apparently, the Art Institue of Chicago has an exhibition of William Eggleston’s work, and there is the Museum of Contemporary Photography to visit, too. Of course, there is Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs and the whole Chicago-style of America to contend with, but dinner at both Charlie Trotter’s and Alinea should totally change how I look at and maybe even photography food. I am there to learn, and I am sure I will. Since the Hasselblad 501cm is still pretty new to me, and I have still not developed a roll of film yet, I will probably take the Canon 1d mkIII along, too. Since Boston last year I have been shooting any American cities with that camera and a 135mm lens only; I hope to be able to do an entire series based on that combination eventually. I do want to try the Hasselblad though to see how it works in a travel situation with no light meter. It should prove to be enlightening, if nothing else.

Stonehenge on a Winter's Morning

I really do not like demeaning other’s work, because I know how hard it is to gather the gusto to display work, but when I visited a random Starbucks last week I was shocked at how awful “the photographer of the week’s” images were. Frankly, the past few exhibits have been amateur snapshots on display for all to see in a Facebook fashion. It was enough for me to decide that if nothing else this Spring I had to put work up at this Starbucks just to make myself feel like people can see some careful work instead of Aunt Lucy’s vacation on show. I am not saying I am all that, but rather that I am at least better than that.

The now extinct "Elephant Rock"; the trunk crumbled into the ocean.

On the vinyl front, I picked up a re-issue package from Numero Group Records, which produces strange compilations from obscure sources of high quality. This one, Downriver Revival No.26, is spectacular in its raw, bluesy Motown version of church music from the 70s from a Detroit man’s basement studio. It was just the thing to inspire me to get behind the mule again and start taking photos for the love it photography.


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