Hurtling Towards Warp Speed With A Turkey In The Oven

I have to admit that I never imagined that I would be so busy with photography. For the past three weeks I have been under the gun to complete a 72 page yearbook for school and two full jobs for Paderno. It can be so hard to work for an entire day only to come home and work again into the night, but I just cannot help but think that I am still making serious headway. The major hurdle right now is that I am going to be losing my partner, V., for the next four months to a great job opportunity in New Brunswick. Though I will really miss her and will miss her wonderful critical eye, I know that the chance to work in her field within Canada is just too good to pass up. It does give me the excuse to go home and do some work while I am there; I feel like right now is a perfect time to head back, meet back up with my roots and see where I stand these days.

On the gear front, I am hating, hating my tripod head. It is about 10 years old, and the ball-head is no longer gripping without tonnes of creep, which is killer when I am trying to frame a turkey shot and only have 80 seconds before the bird loses its perfect juicy look. Problem is that tripod heads are NOT sexy, but they are expensive. I also need to pick up a light meter so that I can use the Hasselblad while traveling in Germany and Italy this summer. Oh well, the money I made on these last two jobs should pay for that; easy come, easier to spend.

The other things going on in my head are kind of fuzzy for the summer. I have a couple of projects set-up already, and I wouldn’t mind doing a few jobs outside my normal milieu of product photography; something dark and edgy would be fun, I think. The website will get a refresh in a week or two, as I have so much to add (along with a price list, finally). Who gets so busy that they can’t tell you what he charges? I am praying that between Berlin, Rome and Charlottetown I find the time to enjoy a few more sunsets and that glorious smell of espresso in the morning light. It will be nice to move back to film for the travel photography. As much as I love the work in the studio, I love chasing monks, geisha and fire hydrants much more, so getting back on the road will bring a whole new world into my life again.


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