Jimmy Crack Corn, And I Don’t Care

Illness is never a good thing. Feebleness does make you realize how good you normally feel, and how important it is to seize the good days while you can.  Me, I have a wicked flu of some type this week and it has taken the wind right out of me. I know…I know…I should take better care of myself, eat more cereal, drink less coffee, do more yoga, work fewer hours and contemplate the meaning of breathing. I should, but the world keeps on turning and the fields they’re a burning so I better run the best I can. It is hard to explain to other people the urgency of your work, even when you know that the fact that it wears you thin makes it more urgent. Maybe it all comes down to me knowing that I have to do everything I can, while I can, because time is not infinite. My time almost ran out a few years ago, but Toto broke me outta the big house before the final sentence was passed.

Patio With Hasselblad 50mm on Canon EOS 1DmkIII

The Hasselblad 50mm CFI FLE lens arrive from Atlanta on Monday, and I have to admit that it is a beautiful tool. The one image I have for this entry uses the 50mm on my Canon 1DmkIII. It holds the same richness of colour that I saw when I took the Hasselblad training workshop last summer. Maybe I am just getting my exposures down more accurately because of the Sekonic meter or maybe I am just seeing too much, but I like the look of the image a lot. It is not a great subject, but the dynamic range holds my attention just a little longer than it should, which means the lens promises to bring some great things in the near future. As with all lenses, it comes down to matching your eyes, your imagination and the glass together; some work and some don’t.

The title of this blog sprang from my flu-infused brain. While sick in bed this week, brilliant memories have poured forward to inspire me [blame it on the NyQuil and the fever], but this song is different. It’s an old song that my grandmother must have taught me the chorus to, and I haven’t heard it since I was 4 years old. Looking up the phrase, it seems to be a some type of rag-time song done as a minstrelsy tune – I doubt she understood where the song came from, but it goes to show how far a person can grow beyond the boundaries of prejudice in a generation or two. What was most interesting was that Eminem/D12 has recently borrowed the phrase for an edgy rap, which only proves that if you are intelligent with the way you weave your words, then you can defeat the negatives from our past through subversion.

Once I kick this flu I should be back at full-tilt with new work, and be ready to expand the art of my photography just a bit further.

Run, run as fast as you can…can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man.


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