Blame and Breaks to Bang

The dogs have just had a bath, and India is biting Mingus because she thinks it is his fault. I cannot help but feel like people tend to do the same thing to each other as humans: the world is against us, the man is keeping me down, if I only just had a break, it’s his fault I am not able to find happiness. Strangely enough, the world does not work that way; there is no one against us except ourselves. Time is not in our favour, insofar as we do not have an infinite or finite amount of it, but that should not stop us from doing anything we truly desire.

I spent my week crippled from the ongoing sinus flu plague, but am feeling good enough this afternoon to clean the studio and the dogs. It was crazy busy for photography as I had five product packages to shoot and a portrait session for the school. The school session was amusing, because I was being given instructions for “photo opportunities” which is downright strange. I decided to use the Hasselblad 50mm to see how it feels for a shoot like that: good and bad. It has to be my favourite lens right now, but with the manual focus and manual exposures it is not great for fast shooting with accuracy handheld. It does let the client know that you are not Uncle Fred with his dlsr though; the Proshade alone makes the system look like a movie camera. Obviously, I cannot show any of those images for privacy reasons, but people were happy with the results.

What I do have for this blog entry are the last of my images from Japan. When I took in my film for the Hasselblad, I found out that I had a few shots taken in Kyoto on a roll. Just looking at these images makes me wish that I did not have to sell the Mamiya 645 AFD. At the same time, I know that with more practice my Hasselblad images will be closer to my ideal. Plus, these will be nothing stopping me to buy a used Phase One 645 AFD later one, if the 501CM doesn’t work out in Berlin to Rome. It will work out, everything does in the end.

About the dragon tattoo…apparently, it is impossible to have any fine detail at a small size on skin, so unless I can do my whole back with the image it is back to the drawing board.  V. is on Prince Edward Island today with my family, so there might be some neat images coming from there this week. I won’t be able to get home until June 22nd, but I already have a company shoot and musician, Courtney Hogan,  set up for my first day. Frankly, I know that I can capture some really distinct maritime images on this visit, even if I end up carrying a small studio with me. I will be bringing my “A” game home, for once, so it might prove to be quite interesting. If everything works out, then I should also be going back for 2-3 weeks in August, too, so I might set up some gigs for then when I go down. Hard to say…oh, and the Monster 696 is finally out of the shop. The rear brake was demolished and there was no sign of a brake pad there – I wish I had thought to take pictures. The mechanics thought it was quite a feat. I now just have to fix up the other damage I have inflicted over the past two years on the bike: a new front fender and a rear tail chop. In both cases, I will upgrade to carbon fiber or Euro mods that should not snap when I drag my camera gear all over the city.

Use it like you love it, make it your own, fix it when you can.


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