Lobsters, Rivers and the Devil’s Paintbrush

I am afraid that my visit to Prince Edward Island is now at a close. It was a good time, but sleep eluded me once more. Last night I had the pleasure of taking my family out to dinner at the Shipwright’s Cafe, and it was so nice to have a room with good food, good wine and good company. The gluten free carrot cake might not have been a hit, but the rest of the dinner felt like a wonderful home-cooked dinner that I did not have to prepare. Lenny and Benny, the 4 1/2 lb lobsters picture above, were dinner today, which I made for my family. I was able to see my grandmother, who has been quite ill this year, and take some portraits on film with the Hasselblad before everyone left.

I do miss the Island breeze and the damp nights, but it is probably time to get back to the big city and take care of the rest of my life. Now that the G20 comes to a close, the earthquakes and tornadoes are done, I should be fine to replace my Monster’s mirrors and fender tomorrow before the dogs come home. On the G20…I must admit that the naive way Canadian news presents the protesters as thugs and hooligans makes me fume with anger. Obviously, Canadians are appalled that anyone would dare complain about world hunger or the 1 billion spent to host some old men and shut down Canada’s major city. What about the police state armed to kill and deter anyone who gets near a fence? Canadian citizens foolishly believe that all police are nice men who want to serve the public; I imagine that there were more than a few stories at the station about how good it felt to finally be able to use all of that training against human bodies. I’m not sayin’, I am just sayin’.

As a child I loved to see the devil’s paintbrush rise up in the ditches, and this example was found out on the way to my brother’s house in Emerald. It is comforting when we come across those things that made us happy as children, maybe because they remind us of what happiness is.

The potato fields are just being plowed for the second planting in some areas. I do love to see the cloud shadows dance across the red soil. V. and I stayed in this area taking photos for about twenty minutes. It was one of those nice moments that I will undoubtedly remember on some cold December morning years from now. Onward and forward to Berlin in two weeks, and I was also able to procure two tickets to Havana, Cuba for the end of August. I have always wanted to travel to Cuba [but not to a resort], and realized that I had better do it now before America arrives with its McDonald’s and Starbucks. One week in Havana in the heat of hurricane season…sounds like something magical.


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