Haunted Houses, Bridges, and Lighthouses…oh my.

Note: I thought that I had posted this last week, but must have forgotten.


I picked up V. yesterday from Sackville, but instead of staying put in that megalopolis we hit the road back to PEI. It was great to be “back on the road” again with V.; there is just something about driving and looking for photos that makes life so damn exciting. Our first thrill was heading into an abandoned house by the side of the road. I will be honest and say that this reminded me of every horror movie I have ever seen, and not in the good way. Picture this: two fools see a house, leave their car and walk down a leafy path. When they arrive they see a giant tree with ravens in it until a giant hawk comes to chase them. You hear a dog barking in the distance, but closer that you are to your own car. You twist your knee in a ditch that you cannot see a bottom to… that was yesterday.

Making it out in one piece was wonderfully exciting, but I just did not have the nerve or the lenses with me to get the shot I had in my mind’s eye. I still loved walking in, and V. did get some cool shots. Next, we came into the Cape Jourimain area, which is just before the bridge. In the 10 years that the Confederation Bridge has been up I do not think that I have really ever seen it, but V. had a great view to show me.

and just before we came into that area I stopped by the side of the highway to take a photo of this area that always drew my attention to it every time I crossed off the Island.

But really…it was all about the last shot I captured before heading back to PEI. On my way over I had seen this great lighthouse, and ironically it was exactly where V. wanted to take me on the way home. What I love about this image is that it is the exact image I had imagined and I was able to walk in and take it before the rain made it impossible. The only problem was that I was using the Rebel t2i instead of my 1DmkII or Hasselblad, which just does not capture images in the same dynamic range. I had not intended on taking any photos yesterday, so I just took the Rebel to practice shooting video. I cannot complain though. When I get home and have my Wacom Tablet and a big screen, I will be better able to edit these.


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