Live From Firenze

It is hot in the land of Dante – go figure. I have been walking like a madman through Berlin, Munich and now Florence for the better part of a week, and am hitting that tourist daze where I no longer am certain where I am. At the same time, I loved Munich and Florence. Both places have just held so many rich opportunities to see new perspectives and to get out of the normal trudgery of Toronto. I will admit that I am missing home, V., and the monster doggies, but I will be back shortly and I have to just accept that I need to travel to keep my family from killing me because I can get so annoying.

Berlin…it was not what I expected. Frankly, it seems like the Chicago of Europe; I should have loved it, but it felt empty. I do not regret go at all, but it was a lot of walking without tonnes of photographic payoff.

I am in Florence for another full day in which I hope to go to the Uffizzi Gallery (good luck with those lines) and Pitti Palace. Tonight is self-catering time from the grocery as last night’s meal at Il Latini near killed me from the sheer volume (it was a great experience though).

Manning is fighting the good fight – he may never be the same again after travelling with me for hours upon hours down dark lit streets and across melting urban landscapes!

Stay tuned until next week for when I get back to Canada and develop my film!


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