Freitag…Photography Contests and Film Edit

Music stresses me out. I do love to play, but as I prepare for the second rehearsal with the gypsy jazz trio I feel like I just cannot play well enough; that I will found out to be a charlatan and amateur. I am neither, but my previous musical experiences have been questionable. Regardless, I will plow onward and meet up with these fabulous guys to see what we can do with the catalogue this evening.

The afternoon has been split between getting the Kubicki fretless bass back in playing shape and submitting five photos to a photography competition sponsored by Prince Edward Island Tourism and Cow’s Ice Cream. When I visited in June, part of the rationale for the visit was to produce some quality “Island” photographs either for stock or to use as promotional work to show prospective clients. As I sifted through the Visitor’s Guide to see what we might do next week as I return to PEI, I noticed a photography competition and thought I should enter. If I win, then that is great, but I am more interested in just getting my actual photographs in the Visitor’s Guide. I used to work for PEI Tourism as a summer job, so getting into the Guide would feel like an accomplishment, I think.

You can check out the images I submitted at the site. I will admit that they probably seem to stand out a bit over the other submissions simply because I am not using a point and shoot camera. I like submitting to contests if only so that I can see if any of my work stands up against what other people are doing.

I have successfully freaked my family out with my most recent self-portrait composite, which is usually a sign that I am doing something interesting  – ha ha ha. My nights continue to be spent with Thoreau as he contemplates solitude, sounds and other s-words; I have enjoyed reading again and I wish that I were able to read more during the school year, but alas.

Sigh…before ending this blog entry I became wrapped up in editing some footage I shot on the Rebel T2i when I was home. This is what happens when you have a recording studio, ProTools, Final Cut Pro and 2 hours when you should have been practicing bass:


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