And Now That I Am Back…

Every once in a while it feels really good to come home, and this morning it felt reassuring to walk into the studio, pour an espresso and plug back into city life. The summer has been a whirlwind of short trips between Prince Edward Island and Europe with Havana happening next week.

My visit home began with a bit of time in the kitchen. My mother always loves to have me cook up a few things when I first get in, so I visited the Cheese Boutique in Toronto and picked up some cheeses and pasta. Add the new Chateauneuf-du-Pape, and you have a delicious dinner. Black truffle linguini and gnocchi with mozzarella made us both happy.

Much of my time on the Island was initially spent driving through the countryside looking for photos for stock purposes; driving into small harbours and oceanside beaches to seek out shots like the fish shanties with the glorious peeling paint and bright colours. The smell was clearly fishy as the crews keep their gear and bait inside while out during the day.

Birds were a theme on this visit. Perhaps I was getting ready for my visit with V. in Mary’s Point, but I noticed the flying machines far more than ever before. This particular gull was hanging out in the Souris Harbour. His noble profile  and desire to be photographed made him fun to shoot. Here I used a high shutter speed to keep the dark profile of the clouds.

By the time I made it to see V. I was ready to chase birds all over the mudlflats! Sigh. Unfortunately, being a biologist who is attuned to avian needs, she kept me from running amok through their habitat. I did get a chance to shoot some birds offshore, like the little guy above, and it was a lot of fun. I was challenged by a wondrous hummingbird who moved so fast that at 1/800th of a second with my EOS 1DmkIII still outflew me for the most part.

On our last day, V. was on the hunt for some cows for her collection of photographs and we came across this herd in the fields that evening. While I like this shot of mine, her shots were better, and she found some other cows later and took a few killing shots with her 50mm f.1.8 lens.

For the next week I will be sorting through the Prince Edward Island photos, submitting them to the local photo contest and colour-correcting the work. I also have a tonne of school work to wade through while still preparing for Havana next week. I am still undecided if I should shoot film with the Hasselblad or take the Canon for digital. I feel like both cameras make sense together, but do not want to carry all that gear on a vacation that I would like to relax on.


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