The Ants Go Marching…

The world can seem like it is falling apart. China is beginning to flex its muscles in odd ways, America is drowning in debt-ridden insanity, and Justin Bieber’s hair continues to attract fans. It seems like we are all working harder than ever before, but getting nowhere fast, and that the security we have known for decades might collapse into a 1960s-style madness. What are we going to do?

One of the main purposes of this blog is to assert the beauty of the life that surrounds us; to remind ourselves that we need to engage in the world while we can. While it is tempting to freak out about personal debt, the eventual disappearance of the ozone layer and whether deli meats are giving us cancer, the fact remains that we can only do our best to enjoy and appreciate what precious time we have on this planet. I have faith that there will always be something wondrous to believe in; to refocus my attention from all of the darkness that I could easily get sucked into.

As Stephen Colbert prepares his March to Keep Fear Alive, I can only laugh at his ability to mock our current preoccupation with fear. What other North Americans may or may not understand is the irony deeply rooted in Colbert’s humour: America is becoming paralyzed by its own fear of absolute failure.

Tonight, I decided to ignore the fear mongering and purchase a used Hasselblad PM5 viewfinder from KEH camera in Atlanta and some bargain b60 filters for the Hasselblad camera. It should help me take photos a lot faster when out on the street, which is going to be key for next year’s trip to China. The prices continue to be really great on this type of equipment, and perhaps that is because the world is paying too much attention to the fear-mongering the media is creating. The ant would tell the grasshopper that he is being foolish just before an obvious winter is coming on, but this grasshopper thinks that there are a lot of new opportunities out there; that at a time when everyone else is contracting it might be time for me to expand. Keep marching, little ants. Keep marching.


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