Let Us Give Thanks…

I know I am in trouble when my Thanksgiving is spent sleeping and taking pictures of spoons. This year’s flu-thing is truly wicked. I have been knocked out for over two weeks, and I just cannot get enough sleep. The spoon part is not totally true, however, my weekend waking moments were spent shooting small items for an upcoming Paderno catalogue. While it seems like the shots should be pretty quick, a lot of thought needs to go into how to light each item without obscuring its function. The Sekonic lightmeter I have been using this year has greatly speeded up my work, which is good, because at 125 individual items I need all the help I can get.

Turkey day…V. and I were too sick to go too far, but we made it to Whole Foods, bought a small organic turkey, and cooked that on Saturday night. It was a quiet weekend, which was nice for a change. The problem with quiet though is that it means my brain gets to thinking. So what do I have to be thankful for? Hunh? Without sounding too lame I would have to say that I am thankful for my personal relationship with V., that my family is all doing well, the dogs are as bad as ever, that I have a great career in a wonderful school, that I get to take photography as a serious profession, that I have traveled far around the world, that money is okay (no one ever has enough), that my health is good beyond this flu and that no one can ever say that I am not out there trying to live life to the fullest. It may kill me, but so it goes.

Parisian cafes…sigh, I would love to spend every morning and evening sitting on one of these chairs, drinking espresso or vino, and watching the world roll by. Truly, Paris is something to be thankful for. I really should travel there more often, but alas…what chapeau would I wear? My Hemingway facial hair is making a comeback for the class unit on becoming a writer, so you never know. I think that what I really need right now is to become a celebrity’s favourite photographer, so that I can get invited to Paris, Havana, or Rome to shoot them whimsically smoking and contemplating the great world. Does anyone have Brad Pitt or Robert Downey’s number? We laugh, but it is how Kirkland, Rockett, Leibovitz and Karsh made it big. I just need a shot like the other million people who want one…I am patient.

The beat up motorcycle reeks of Havana and the hot, petrol-filled air. I would spend my other days in Havana, smoking cigars, drinking mojitos and taking photos of the crumbling buildings from the 6os. Again, Hemingway beat me to it.

In the end, life’s like a tunnel that we enter forgetting the light and its beauty until we emerge from the other end. If we are lucky, then the time between dark and light is short. My life has been extraordinary  the past two years, and while it can be tough-sledding at points, I must always give thanks for the experiences I have and the people I meet along the road, under the bridges.


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