Staying on Target

Today was a good day for photography. In fact, it was great. I finally finished the large scale catalogue work I was doing for Paderno, my PM5 Prism viewfinder arrived from KEH Camera in Atlanta, and I heard back from the Robert MacLaughlin Gallery’s RMG Exposed competition; two of my images made the list of 23 finalist photos. Given that there were 200 entries and only 19 photographers were selected, I am extremely happy with having my work represented twice. There are so many superstar photographers out in this world that anytime my work receives recognition I feel quite blessed.

So now what? The two pieces will be printed at PiKto and then I will deliver them for an auction on November 13th in Oshawa at the Gallery. This will be my first “art” photography recognition, so I am a little nervous. I have had work selected as a finalist for a travel photography competition before, and I remember standing for a half hour just watching people look at my photo. What reassures me most about being recognized, however, is that I traveled to Japan specifically to build my art exhibition portfolio and this is the first recognition I have received for that work. It makes me feel like I was not totally foolish to think that my work might be good enough for exhibition on a professional level. I am not there yet…yet.

Should I ever be so lucky to place and win one of the prizes of a portfolio review with a gallery owner, then I will be faced with the challenge of producing a professional portfolio of images for the review. While exciting, I think that might prove quite difficult…what is my style? Who am I as an art photographer? I know who I am when it comes to commercial/food photography, but that is a wholly different kettle of fish.

The new PM5 viewfinder is the bomb. While I truly love the waist-level viewfinder, travel photos with people are tricky to focus quickly. Will this work for China or India next summer? I think that it will make my life and photography a lot easier to keep focused and on target. I also picked up some neat filters for the Hasselblad system that will be useful for portraiture later on. I really feel like my investment in the Hasselblad system is worthwhile, and given the current prices, I can afford to buy one or two pieces every few months. To have a good day like this every now and then makes it much easier to stay on target to reach my goals when things look bleak. Chin up, keep throwing punches.



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