Good Things Before the Winter

Success has always been difficult for me deal with; compliments have always been difficult to accept. I drive people crazy with my obsession with getting better in every minute way, and I know that makes me seem like I am not happy with the success I do find. The reality is that I incessantly challenge myself to improve and success fuels the fires for me to keep going when the going seems pointless. Being chosen as a finalist for the RMG Exposed juried photo competition has been one of the nicest surprises I have had as a photographer, especially given the other finalists’ caliber of work. You can check it out at:       RMG Exposed

The prints themselves looked spectacular. I printed them at PiKto in the Distillery District, and it took 72 hours to have 16×20 prints made on Kodak Metallic Endura paper, but it was worth it. While the prints will be auctioned silently to promote and benefit the gallery, I wanted to make sure I did the best technical print I could; PiKto’s work is the best I have found, though certainly not the cheapest. I think that whoever buys these images will be getting a steal, but that is the point: I want my photos to be appreciated and seen at their best.

In one way the recognition did make me wince, because it is an admission that, since I do not make a significant portion of my income from my photography, I am not a professional photographer. At the same time, that admission is a truth that reminds me that I am building towards changing that, and that being recognized in this competition is a step in the right direction.

I would be remiss to mention that two of my photos from the winter were chosen to make the cover of Paderno’s upcoming housewares catalogue [this is a proposed image cover, but I love the design]. Again, I am proud that my work was chosen from that of other photographers whose profession is photography and who do really strong commercial work. The first image is that of the corkscrew, while the second is of the wire bbq basket with the vegetables grilling. Both of these shots were my first work with the Hasselblad lenses on the Canon body, and both received a lot of scrutiny from V. to make sure we got the shots perfect.

I still have a few opportunities out in the pipeline, so stay tuned to see if any more ships come in to harbour.



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