Time to One’s Self

A short entry tonight for a busy time of year. I have been wickedly ill from what could only be described as a super-virus, and am still on the mend. It set me back quite a bit as far as missing some obligations for school and just needing to rest, but I am far better off than I could be, so I will be thankful for that.

Santa is having all kinds of issues at Canada Customs via Fed Ex through KEH Camera and some missed brokerage checkboxes. It is so unlike KEH to be negligent in anything, but they have not really responded to my two query emails so I will just have to hope that Santa can deal with it all himself before I head to New Orleans on Friday.

New Orleans…New Orleans should be a restful, soul-recharging sojourn for a few days that lets me just be relaxed in The Big Easy. Nothing fancy, nothing pushing me other than wanting to eat some great food and soak in the vibe with V. I want some beignet, some bbq shrimp, a po’boy, chicory in my coffee, a muffleta sandwich and a few other creole dishes. Jazz on Bourbon Street and Preservation Hall, the Mayfair Witches in the Garden District and to see the Bayou, if we can, would be nice. Reading about Bellocq’s Storyville photography in Coming Through Slaughter was one of the catalysts for me to pick up a camera, so circles will undoubtedly be more full this time around.

The photography is on slow burn for this trip. I bought film for the Hasselblad and will take it with one lens, and I think V. is taking her Diana camera with a wide lens, but I am not sure. The last time I was in NOLA I had just started taking photography seriously, but I do not think I really captured the essence of the place. Maybe this time I will just be in a better headspace to soak it all in and be good with the new worlds opening at my feet. One way or another I am certain that there will be stories to tell from my time in Storyville next week.



One response to “Time to One’s Self

  1. looking forward to seeing the NOLA fotos

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