Valentine’s Day Dinner over Two Days

48 hours in Prince Edward Island has left me exhausted. I need sleep. I did get a chance to try out both the Leica and SWC/M cameras at an ice-covered Covehead Harbour, but I won’t have the film developed for at least a week. With the melting snow Valentine’s Day came and went, and I spent two days cooking some delectable treats for V.

For these plating shots I decided to keep working on the Lensbaby Composer to see if I could get any closer to learning how to use it properly. Finding the center of focus is pretty hit and miss, but the effect can be nicely strange. The first dish I cooked was some spinach ravioli with fresh parmesan, kale, pine nuts and morels.

The first dish on the second day was an organic boneless pork chop with mango salsa, parisienne potatoes cooked in duck fat and an asian slaw. I think the pork is under-rated these days, and Whole Foods had a good deal on a tray of these little porkers. The second dish on the first day was a Dungeness crab cooked in Achiote oil and Cambodian spices, so it had a rich smokey flavour balanced with heat and sweetness. This dish did require a broiling of the legs in the over to remove the fishy flavour, and then a quick dunk in the sauce before plating.

Finally, I plated two beautiful cheeses by candlelight. Unfortunately, neither went with the Trius Sparkling Champagne with a dosage of Ice Wine, so they were left in favour of a port-poached pear with prune, raisin and pistachio ice cream.


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