An Easier Button to Button

The latest piece for the Leica arrived tonight in the mail: a Boop from Match Technical Services in Seattle. The Boop is a rather peculiar soft-release made from brass that screws into the shutter release post on non-digital cameras. While I found the colourful options to be really charming and cute, I decided that I just had to order the limited edition dragon boop. It is a simple piece of brass that has the dragon form actually etched into its surface.

The idea is that brass is softer than steel, and a concave shape makes the connection between human and camera less harsh. With a simple screw into place, the Boop seems like a piece of jewellery for your camera that should actually improve camera shake incrementally. The feel from my first experiences are buttery soft and confident.

Given that I have just recovered the Leica M3 body in lizard skin from Camera Leather, it seemed like fate that I should come across a dragon-style modification to carry on the theme. While it was not expensive, I think that it adds a final touch of character to the camera. I would like to say that this particular Boop was easily transferable from the Leica to my Hasselblads, but the 501 C/M does not allow space between the release and the lens body and the SWC/M seems to have an odd weighting on the release that I never noticed before. I would think that a red Boop would look good on the SWC, though.

On other fronts, I was working on some photographs for the Toronto saxophonist, Trevor Hogg.  I have rather enjoyed shooting Trevor over the past two years with his quartet and Peripheral Vision. Lately, I have been using Silver EFX Pro to create some compelling black and white photos with an edgy, Steve McQueen look. On the topic of edgy…

A series of crops from the Sunday Best session.

The results of the Sunday Best photo session that V. and I did for Katie and Emily were pretty darn cool. There is no ETA on when or where the images will surface, but I will set up a link once that project gets underway. V. covered the fashion details, while I did some Vanity Fair-inspired portrait looks to round out the coverage. I did get a chance to try the Leica M3 for some 35mm film capture using Kodak Ektar 100 film, but with 4 frames left on the counter I will not have those developed before next week. Regardless, there is a noticeably different vibe from a person when shooting their portrait with the Leica, and it did seem to create the sense that I might know what I was doing and that these photos would be the model’s efforts.

Peru and Quebec are just around the bend…but I have reports and marking and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.


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