The River: Evening Landscapes in Peru’s Amazon

I have a strange rash. If all goes well it is not ebola, and I should be fine by the end of the week. I am slowly sifting through the five hundred photographs I took over the past two weeks in Peru, and have decided to post them in groupings along themes. Tonight it is landscape shots from the river. The evening colours were glorious just around dinner, so I often went without rice and chicken to be outside at the right moment. By using the Canon’s spot metering and reading off the brightest part of the sky, I was able to capture the deepest hues as the sun fell beyond the horizon.

It would have been nice to have had my Sekonic meter, but given the humidity and the weight of the gear I did take I decided to go without. This means that the five rolls of 120 film that I shot with the SWC/M camera are undoubtedly off on their exposures as I guessed from what I saw the light to be. The rolls have gone into the lab and should be done tomorrow. I severely doubt that much is in focus or properly lit, but I can always hope. The process with the SWC/M is not for the faint of heart, and I really hope to learn more as I practice with it.

I am glad to be home. As beautiful as the Amazon was, it was also a tough place to exist. I am still struggling with what Werner Herzog called the “harmony of overwhelming and collective murder” that he found in the Amazon. While it was humourous at the time to hear him rant in a German fashion about the collective chaos in the universe and how the jungle was in a constant struggle with fornication and murder, in hindsight I can see just how right and just how serious he was.

The jungle is not what I thought it was. I am undecided if that is a good or bad thing. It is not the rain forest; it is not the cloud forest. Shakespeare might have called it a freshly painted whore taunting her wares to entrap all who pass by…but I am not Shakespeare. The sunsets were beautiful; the mornings were filled with the screams of howler monkeys.


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