Sit Down Samson, You’re About to Get a Haircut

My taxes ended up being a bit of a fiasco due to some instructions that were not complied with/followed by my financial advisor; let’s just say that I am far from happy at the moment about what was left incomplete.  However, life can be like that and it makes no sense to become paranoid about the outcome of other people’s failures. I can only focus on my own actions and that truth will set me free.

The layout for my school’s yearbook is finally complete. I work on 72 pages each year. This will be my sixth edition of the 6×9″ sized publication. I spend about two hundred hours taking photos, laying images and text out, and then preparing the files for printing. It is a long haul each year, but the experience that the yearly task provides me with is invaluable. I take thousands of photos, develop basic design concepts and get to see my work printed in 500 copies. The yearbook is dead, long live the yearbook!

The situation in Morocco has forced V. and me to look into Eastern Europe as a possible alternative to Morocco if the situation escalates over the next few months. We would rather hit the desert, but as I am not being funded by the New York Times or National Geographic, it makes no sense to put our lives on the line for some photographs. Either way, we have an exciting trip to look forward to in August.

The Rizoma Avio 21 turn signals were finally installed on the Ducati this weekend. The connectors made the whole process a breeze, and I was also able to replace many of the cheap bolts attaching the front and rear fenders to the bike. This time I made certain to use Lock-tite Blue on them all to ensure I did not have any more close calls with wiggling parts.


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