Modding the Monster 696 with Rizoma

I am in the middle of a huge procrastinating moment: I have cookware to set-up and shoot, but my head is elsewhere so I have to psych myself up for the session; it is a key job for me this year. It did not help that all of my motorcycle parts arrived from ProItalia in Los Angeles tonight. Instead of comments throughout, I figured I would briefly note that I replaced the plastic bar ends, the rear brake fluid reservoir, and the tank strip protector tonight. I received an oil tank filler cap, but it was the wrong thread (not my fault). Taking the bike apart is always, always a big leap of faith as I do not really know what I am taking apart. The tank was full plastic, which was not what I expected, but it made sense. The brake fluid spilled everywhere, but I somehow did not seem to introduce any air into the system. The real thing that shocked me was just how old the normal plastic parts looked. It made me see the value in getting carbon pieces to replace the plastic over time. I do have to learn how to perform the maintenance myself, but I am going to take the bike to the dealer to make sure she is in top shape for the summer.

Of course, after being covered in grease, sweat and being disgusted with my tech skills I ran into the Toronto photographer, Matt Barnes, in the elevator. His work is just so heavy and great that it has been a major inspiration since I started working professional to keep me going when I get down on my own work.  I guess meeting him for a few seconds should be a sign to get my butt in gear and shoot the pots. I can get behind anything, right?  I should also mention that I seem to have done a cool shot for the school that will be used for admissions cards, I am really into alternative process film developing this week and I just picked up a Linhof Kardan Bi 4×5 camera body to experiment with this summer.  I can get behind anything.


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