The Work is Good…If You Can Get It

Over the past three years I have really found the photography business to roll in waves; nothing for a few months and then it goes crazy. This works for me since I have a tonne of other professional obligations, but it can wear me down, too. Tonight, I picked up the negatives from the newborn session I did with V. on Sunday. I can honestly say that one of these photographs is the best that I have ever taken. The mood, the lights and the film just clicked in the way that I saw in my mind’s eye as being perfect. Since I do not show client photos on the blog without express permission, we will just have to imagine what it might look like.

V. tried her hand with the Hasselblad during the shoot, which is no easy machine to use due to its fully manual operation. She ended up with one great photograph of the family and then we worked on focusing through the viewfinder after everyone went home for the night. While I doubt that taking photographs of me and the monsters is as fun as working with real people, I do like the portrait she captured of India and me. It has a fun, dignified manner, while being ironic due to the wriggling dog.

The Linhof Kardan Color 45S arrived from KEH today, and I love it. While it seems like a pain in the neck for anything outside of the studio, I cannot even imagine the control it will give us in the studio. It would have been beautiful to have for this past photo session. Oh well, still needs a lens and some film, and then I will still need to either learn how to develop the 4×5 myself or find a lab that can turn it around for me. Regardless, it feels like a real step forward artistically, and will be a boon to work with alternative process printing.

A simple crop of tonight's work.

Lastly, I did the first of two photographs for Paderno tonight, and, again, I  rather like the new style my food photography is moving in. For these images I spent about an hour learning how to make a paper cone and slicing potatoes into perfect strips to be fried in duck fat. When I was at the grocery store picking up ground pepper I ended up talking with an old-timer about the outrageous cost of spices. He was giving me all sorts of advice, which I had to ignore because I was needing to buy two different grinds to build up depth to the pepper in front of the shaker.  Try explaining that to a man in his 80s…just try.


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