A Schenider Kreuznach in your Pocket?

On the view camera's 4x5 ground-glass the image is reversed and inverted.

When things go crazy, I have always found that the trick is to go crazier than my surroundings. In other words, if everyone is selling, then buy; if everyone else is saving, spend like it is a yard sale. The end of a school year means that all of the little details need to be ironed out fully before I can leave for the summer, which means crossing a lot of t’s and dotting eyes that can barely blink. The reality is that the end of a year is highly satisfying in terms of feeling like I have accomplished my goals for 365 days, and now I can return to being Anthony for two whole months.

This time of year also tends to be when I need to make my first set of purchases for the business. The money becomes sorted out from taxes, travel costs and the work I have been doing sees the invoices being paid. Since my focus for the business had been that it payed off my first camera after about two years – I accomplished that in the first six months of business. I am in an enviable position wherein it has come to pay for our travel, develop our photography skills, and allows me to explore whatever tools I feel will add value to the work we do in the studio.

The current area of exploration is how to integrate 4×5 film into the digital workflow while learning to print using alternative processes from the early part of the last century. The latest horse in our stable is a Linhof Kardan Color 45s that was made in West Germany. While I thought I could hold off buying a lens for a few months, the reality is both V. and I are interested in the potential here, so we decided to pick up a Schneider Kreuznach APO 210mm f.5.6 MC lens to take portraits with in the studio.

The lens itself is in perfect condition, or at least as perfect a condition as I demand from my lenses – perfection is an illusion that leads to disappointment as time wears on. I have been quite lucky with the equipment that I have purchased used from Keh.com. Frankly, I am spoiled in terms of the price I have been able to get on classic camera gear. Buying from the Toronto stores is always near to twice as expensive and in lesser condition, so I will keep buying across the border, paying the import duties and being content with the knowledge that the quality and price I get is more than fair, and that few local photographers have access to the same palette.

I also sprung for the Silver FX Pro 2 upgrade from Nik Software this afternoon. It is one of the few plug-ins we use regularly, and it definitely gives us more control over the look of black and white scans/photographs. I have the Complete Collection for Lightroom, but find that since we really only use the bw conversion it was the only one we needed to upgrade to the full version.

Over the next few weeks I will be rebuilding the website at www.anthonynchandlerphotography.com. I do this once a year, but this time I feel like doing a much more tailored version that reflects what my work has become. I am also planning a “pilot” of a cooking video series based on the food photography that I do; it promises to be fun, informative and strange. I do not want to go to much in depth, as that would ruin the fun. The plan though would be to shoot the first episode in either Niagara on the Lake or Chicago/Milwaukee on the Rebel T2 and then edit in ProTools/Final Cut Pro. When I was in university I loved doing weird videos for school, so perhaps this would be a fun extension of that. Two more Paderno projects lined up for the weekend, and two sets of exams to mark; the crazy never gets boring.


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