The Odds Are That a Duck is a Duck…

For the first time today I received a piece of camera equipment from KEH in Atlanta that was not functional; it had to happen, and sometimes things that are too good are too good. A Linhof 6x9cm roll film back arrived via FedEx, and frankly it looked pretty good for the BGN quality I paid for. Alas, the roller that feeds the film must have been jammed from a hardening of lubricant, lack of use, or the previous owner just bunged it up royally before selling it. Regardless, the film would not move cleanly forward enough to even spool the film.

Sometimes a duck is a duck…

Unfortunately, shipping is about half of the total cost, and I would be paying that once or twice over to return the product. So now I am left with a lame duck, and no real way to recoup the costs incurred. The mechanical design would only make me go insane, so there is no way I would touch the little springs and rollers. I will just have to wait and see if can offer any solutions.

On other fronts, I am marking papers and writing reports before graduation. While I do like my teaching life, this is always the tough part, those last few steps. I think that I finally figured out the ColorChecker workflow. I just need to find my exposure, then shoot with the ExpoDisc and then use the Passport for colour. I found that it made the colours pops accurately on the session I did last night. I think I just need some time to sleep, travel and exercise; all things I am looking forward to in just seven days…sleepy ducky you’re the one!





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