Straight Razor Insanity

Only an insane man would decide to buy a straight razor. Not one to doing anything because it made logical sense, I ordered a straight razor and badger brush this week. Perhaps it was the fact that as I grow older I appreciate things that take a bit more time to use, but I just hate to buy expensive blades for the Gillette razor. I chose the Thiers-Issard “singing blade” razor because it seemed like a decent balance between cost and a nice, nostalgic look.

I then went with a Kent Fine Badger brush. Both of the items came with instructions and nice little leather cases for travel and storage. I purchased the kit from Ferndrihan, which operates as a net-only business, and they delivered things with some basic shaving instructions.

So how did the first shave go? Ummm, I still have a nose.  Frankly, I did not expect it to go well. The stress of holding an unprotected razor against one’s neck is stressful, but no more stressful than driving a motorcycle in Toronto traffic or searing foie gras – one slip and it is ALL over. The shave was ritualistic, and I appreciated that a lot. My beard is coarse, so I am not sure how well a straight razor can work. I did a satisfactory job, and only nicked myself twice. I will give it a few more tries to see how I feel about the straight razor as a long term commitment. For now, I need to go buy some razor blades for when I just do not have 30 minutes to shave.

I also picked up some tortoise shell wayfarers for the summer. While I love my Oakley collection of glasses, they will just not “fit in” when we travel to Spain. Surprisingly, these were made in Italy…who knew China? Who knew?

Finally, I did a microadjustment of +5 backwards on the 50mm f.1.2. lens inside my Canon EOS 1DmkIII’s internal menu. I think that it made a clear difference on the Buddha bank above. Like all good things, this lens is going to take some work to figure out how to use it effectively.


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