Summer Nights

Finally finished my obligations to school, home and country! The freedom of two months is always worth this unending struggle of “gotta do” so that I can do “done” for a while. My past few days have consisted of dropping off the Monster for about $1000 worth of parts and labour [three years in does that to a machine], shooting product images for Paderno, printing tickets and reservations, shipping back those boxes and finished discs, meeting with colleagues about image archiving for the school, and transferring all of my details onto my new iPhone 4.

My mom is just about to land on her way from Charlottetown, V. is helping her sister pick out a new Macbook Pro, and I cleaned the floors. Tonight and tomorrow should be pretty calm, and then mom and I are off to Chicago and Milwaukee. On the home front V. will be taking care of the place while she continues with some really interesting work in her degree programme. At least she has the Spain and Morocco adventure to look forward at the end of her internship; I have been working hard to make sure that we have one of those I do not want to go home trips.

I have been doing most of my Hasselblad colour calibration from the X-Rite ColorChecker this week, and I still like the different looks it gives me in terms of colour saturation and white balance.

On a final note, it looks like I will be getting a chance to work with Jamey Levesque after I get back from Chicago. Jamey is a songwriter and musician who seems like he will be cool to work with as we build a press kit some upcoming media opportunities.   I plan on shooting a mixture of film and digital with the Leica, Hasselblad and Canon cameras – can’t, don’t, won’t stop!


2 responses to “Summer Nights

  1. Much to your dismay perhaps, there is a group who would love to see more of your monster mods. Please keep them coming!

    • anthonynchandlerphotography

      Ha ha ha…well, the Monster is currently getting its 10,000 km maintenance, which will take about 6 hours of labour…but there will be more Monster coming.

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