Another Day in New York City: A Library, Some Deli Meat and Judaism

My second day kept me pretty busy. After my workshop I headed to the New York Public Library where there was a wonderful exhibit featuring an original Gutenberg Bible, a copy of Mein Kampf, a Ku Klux Klan outfit, dance cards, a letter from Groucho Marx and a full mish-mash of ephemera. Lunch was a classic burger at goodburger that tasted pretty good after the wine course from Babbo last night. Medium rare beef done on a grill for about $6.

Making my way south I made it to BH Photo on 9th Avenue. A superstore for not only photography, but also video and music production, BH Photo kept me busy for a good hour while I scanned the latest and greatest equipment on the shelves. I ended up not buying a single thing, mostly because of the ridiculous way that you have to actually get an item to the cash through salesmen on the floor. It looked so complicated that the hassle made it not worth my while. Almost all (like 95%) of the floor staff were Orthodox Jewish men, and frankly that kind of bothered me because it felt exclusionary and racist in some way. In a multicultural city like New York, I was not impressed, and I guess they have been sued by employees and prospective employees over this same issue in the past. Weird, but not my place to judge.

On my way home it was to an Italian deli, Salumeria Bielesse, for a combo hero sandwich and a limonata from San Pelegrino. The visit there left me wondering why people support Subway instead of more delis like this one. They machine cut the meat fresh and the bread had a good, tough texture to the teeth. It was a good sub, but not as good as the one V. and I had in Boston a few years back. Sigh, that was a damn good sandwich.

The day ended at Kinokuniya, an authentic Japanese bookstore in the city. Being a giant fan of all things Japanese, I was in love with the place. I picked up a few magazines on photography, because the Japanese see the world differently on film, and it is style that I try to bring into my own technique. Since I do not read Japanese it is also fun to pretend that I get what they are about.  V. also got a cute present from here, and I ended up getting a fabulous usb drive from mimibot in the shape of a little Yakuza dude. A tiny bit of Japan in the Big Apple.

I did not end up shooting any photographs with the cameras today even though I hauled them around. Not every day can be a big day, but it was enjoyable…now I feel like something sweet to tide me over until morning…



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