Bananas Faucet: An Overhaul of Bananas Foster

After a few hours of serious deliberation, V. and I decided to put out for the world to see our food photography/cooking video from Saturday’s session.  We did a final edit and felt that it looked and sounded like a piece that we could be proud of. While my beautiful face is never present in the scenes, the video footage steals the show. The Rebel T2i did a superb job of capturing video and the Blue and Rode microphones got the sound into ProTools.

In the end…we spent a week planning, shooting and editing this down to ten minutes from a three and a half hour session. The time we spent was well worth it in terms of experience. It is not every day that you can set a ship adrift to see where it might go – let’s hope the wind is strong!

**[Note: I had to change the original posting due to a Google account getting tied to my work account. Conflicts of interest and copyright are funny things in 2011]



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