Barcelona At Last…

So long Marrakech, hello Barcelona! After a weird RyanAir flight from Marrakech to Girona – thanks to the women butting in line at the airport without shame- we made it back to civilization in one piece. Being holed-up at the B Hotel is not a bad thing; so far we were able to cross the street to a fun restaurant and the bath actually works.
After the poverty of Morocco – that is part of the adventure experience, after all- it is reassuring to get back to places where your only obstacle is cash.

Tonight, we ate at a gastropub called Pura Brasa. The cheese and deli platters were brilliant, as was the sangria, after two weeks of bread and couscous. I have a new respect for simple charcuterie and tapas that should lead to many amazing dinners in the near future.

Speaking of future dinners, I spent a few dollars on a jar of beautiful preserved Moroccan lemons and another jar of saffron and orange blossom honey. Given the filth of most Moroccan souks I decided to splurge on the boutique items at the airport…I cannot overstate the need for hygiene around food sources, and the souks left me ill on that front.

We have a full weekend in Barcelona before returning to Toronto, and then it will take a few days to develop the 19 rolls of film shot on the Hasselblad and Diana cameras. Overall, it was a great, but hard, adventure. In the next few entries I want to reflect on everything that has been going on in my mind about the state of our world, photography and what it should mean to be a traveller in the world. Let’s just say that I was shocked at the naive entitlement our travel group exhibited in the face of people living without – yes, a Mars bar purchased in the High Atlas Mountains should cost double than one bought in London- my god should we not consider ourselves truly blessed to be able to pay that price without hardship? On the flipside, I met a couple of Danes with stellar English and a resilience that will take them far in a world that needs more people like them. So much to write, too much to still experience.


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