Barcelona: A Day in The Market

After a long, good night’s sleep, we made our way to a grocery store for breakfast. More than on any other trip the grocery stores have been the best way to eat good food without spending a fortune; instead of 20 euros for a coffee and some cafe fare we were able to get lemonade, a peach, two ham and cheese croissants and six decent donuts for a mere 5 euros. Given that dinner here seems to hover between 40 and 60 euros with sangria we need to maximize our purchase power for the treats we find along the way…like these luscious fruit jellies we picked up at the Mercat de la Boqueria for 7 euros. Yep, 7 euros for 11 jellies, but if you love old school jellies then these are worth their weight.

As for the Mercat itself, it was a welcomed contrast to the filthy Moroccan souks. Watermelon slices, ham in French fry boxes and fish that made me wish I had a kitchen to cook in while we are in Barcelona.
We decided to eat at a nice tourist trap restaurant within the market because the paella looked pretty good and we just wanted to sit down in the midday heat. The palate bravas looked…gross…but frankly they tasted like fluffy goodness with spicy Cheeze Wiz. The paella and wine spritz the waiter steered us toward were quite good. Lunch rang in at around 40 euros for two; well within budget.


We have one more day in Barcelona before this adventure ends. In many ways I wish we had a few more days here, but the reality is that the cost of Europe is a little hard to cope with for weeks on end. The Morocco adventure was also the high point for our photography, so like everything worthwhile there needs to be a good balance.



2 responses to “Barcelona: A Day in The Market

  1. Oh my gosh, all of that food looks great!

    • anthonynchandlerphotography

      The food makes all of the danger and time worth it! Thanks for the props! There will be much more to come this week.

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