Morocco and Spain: Triptych Photography

I have begun the long scanning process. With about 200 negatives I tend to scan 100 of the better images and see what works from the travel photographs. I am not sure what to think of the photographs thus far as they are not exactly what I expected to take away from Spain and Morocco. One thing that I have noticed is that I must have subconsciously shot each scene in threes because that is what I appear to have: a series of triptychs. I have decided to post the images on that basis on the blog over the next few weeks. In an exhibition I would probably sell these as sets or framed together. I am not certain how I feel about the work, but as V. notes, I never am.

The first series comes from Essaouria. I know, I know…the whole beauty of Essaouria’s boats is the dark blue colour, but the sun and light quality made for terrible colour interpretations on film. Given that I do love the compositions and the ancient feeling of the city, I decided to use SilverFX Pro 2 to transfer these into a fine art image that should print extremely well onto a rag paper.

The fish markets in Essaouria were not extraordinary – I preferred Spanish ones – as the press of humanity made it impossible to not step in fish guts or be dragged along the wharf. The boats were special though, and I would have liked to see the fishermen come in each morning, but that seemed to be off-limits to tourists, especially given that it was Ramadan and many would be eating their final meal of the day around that time.

Work just came in by the truckload…literally. I have six large boxes of catalogue work to shoot tomorrow, and that is fine with me, as that is how I will be paying for the Spain/Morocco adventure. I also had to pick up a new motorcycle helmet so that I can phase one of my older ones out. I ended up going with a Suomy Vandal Dream model, as it was the only Large in stock. I find that I just have to buy gear when it is available, since it is mostly Italian and hard to come by without a month long ordering process. I hated spending the money, but it is my head being protected, I guess.  It is a little…risque and slightly feminine, but I love the octopus on the other side. All good.


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