Ghosts: The Past is in Your Future

When I traveled to India a few years ago, I had my palm read by a man who we had come to the hotel to read our fortunes. He told me that in my life the challenge would be that come to terms with my disappointment in others; that I held myself to such high standards that I would constantly be disappointed in others when I reach out to them for help. At the time, I did not pay it much heed, but it is a ghost that comes back to haunt me on sleepy days like this one.

In life, there will be days when all one can do is remember the past with bittersweet emotions of joy, loss and sorrow. Memory is a pre-occupation of mine: what have I done, who have I known, what have I experienced. Perhaps that is why I am drawn to photography – it is a vehicle for me to hold on to the precious memories to visit on days when I am ready. I do miss people, the places and the precious moments that comprise the good days and nights. At the same time, I know that my path is the correct one and that we seldom can grow in tandem with those we meet along the road. The best that I can do is be content to spend time with their shadows; the bits and pieces we collect in the suitcases of our minds.


The scanning process continues…the four photographs in the blog were all taken in Morocco and represent the stronger pieces from my scanning endeavours. I am starting to like what I ended up with coming out of Morocco, but it is a long process to come to terms with how the photographs speak to me as a whole project. Tonight I am going to take a look at what V. came out with on her digital and analogue cameras; from what I have seen I like her stuff better, but the grass is always greener…we are hoping to have different perspectives on the same experiences for combining into a grouping.


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