Dropping the iPhone 4: Just Don’t

Who knew the iPhone 4 was made of glass? Who knew that if you dropped it, then it would crack and shatter? Who knew that it might get slippery from sitting in your pocket? Who knew that it would cost $229 to repair it?

Yep. dropped my iPhone last night on the pavement, and I will admit that I was supremely sad and upset. Not only because it looked like a shop store window in a riot, but because it was expensive to the nth degree and when you have a three year contract on a piece of glass it is stressful.

Fortunately…praise the Gods…Apple is the best company in the world for customer service. I was able to go in with my saddest face ever and have the smiling associate comp me an entirely new phone without a receipt even. I am sure that if it were dropped a second time, then I would be paying the standard $229 fee, but for now I am saved. I am still upset because I dropped an $800 phone, but I am happy with the service. Now I need to go find a case to keep the piece of glass in safely.


One response to “Dropping the iPhone 4: Just Don’t

  1. i have seen this face many times mom

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