Gimme Shelter: The Move to PhotoShelter

Another four hours of work, and I have built my first ever way to buy my best work online: a site on I have to admit that I am stupidly excited for no apparent reason other than I now have a way to sell my photographs either as prints or as downloads for either commercial or personal use.

I have spent the past three years travelling and photographing the beauty and harshness of the world, but until now it seemed out of my reach to sell my work because of the logistics of payment and printing for people outside of Ontario. I know that I  lost a few sales in the recent past because I was only able to take cash or personal cheques, but now with this site I can provide a way to buy any of my photographs via PayPal, and have them sent to a professional printer who will mail the print directly from the U.S.A. Given the costs of local print houses and their scale of production, the value of this service should make it more cost-effective to buy my work this way.

Check out the site and the first batch of prints available. Each of these has been matched to work with the others in the gallery to create a mood and consistent look. For this initial offering I produced three series of black and white photographs from my archive; if prints are purchased then more will follow in the months to come. I should mention that prints will only be available for a specific time period from these collections though, as I will not offer them once they go to exhibition in limited edition prints whose cost will need to match their production.

Until then…take a look at the site, offer feedback, and maybe even buy a print while you can.


One response to “Gimme Shelter: The Move to PhotoShelter

  1. Congratulations and good luck at Photoshelter. Hope you sell lots of your work!

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