Rebuilding a Photography Website – Let’s Go Crazy


The new website for 2011

Rebuilding a website is more complicated than merely changing out photographs and alerting the world to the “newness” of it all. I spent the week attempting to re-envision exactly what it is that I do and why. First, I had the PhotoShelter site to build, then I needed to tweak that. Second, was the actual main site that I direct people to. For the past three years I have been using simple site as my entry point that used Lightroom’s PostCard Viewer for the Flash and then attached to this blog. The new site can be found at

The basic template for Year 2009

While I still appreciate the simplicity, there was not much to come back to once you had been there once. The other problem is that much of it was non-functional in 2009. I just built it to get up and running; I needed to feature my work to prospective customers and any work I could find made it’s way to the initial site.

The basic template for Year 2010

The second build tried to focus on the fact that I actually had a commercial portfolio to show and had breakthroughs as a photographer trying to get work: a book cover, magazine ads, portrait work and a few contest selections. In the end though I ended up not revising the site for over a year and a half – that is clearly abandonment. I will admit that part of the problem was that I was just too busy with work coming in and the blog, but the other side was that I did not know what to do. I switched versions of Adobe’s DreamWeaver and never picked the site up again…until today.

I went with a circus theme because that is what my life can be in these days of crazy: on the road in travel, working in the studio at night or performing in my classroom. The background is a theme from Graphic Authority that I worked with by embellishing it using silhouettes from a series of photographs I took of Quebec circus performers a few years earlier. While I certainly could have designed my own background from the ground up, I do love Graphic Authority for quickening my workflow.

I also wanted to have a way to find my PhotoShelter site easily and more permanently than when I mention it on the blog. While I have a lot of work still to do with SEO Optimization over the next few weeks, I do think that this interconnects the main arteries of where my work appears online, and I am hoping that this will create synergy to push the brand forward for the next year.

On the near horizon…I am going to create a Hasselblad V Lens Review Page that features the different perspectives from the lenses I own and comments on what each is best used for. Renting a CFV-39 for my next job should help with that and make for interesting reading. I know that a lot of photographers out there struggle to get a real sense of how specific gear works, and I also know that Hasselblad does not really do a very good job of this now that they had abandoned the Zeiss lenses for the H4D series.

Finally, colour prints should be featured on the PhotoShelter site soon; I am just waiting for Nik Software’s ColorEFX 4.0 to be released so that I can properly frame the images in a coherent manner. In the meantime, if there are any specific print requests for my work just drop me a line at:




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