Smart Dumbbells and P90X

Typing is not so easy after tonight’s workout. I decided to try the Arms and Shoulders video of the P90X dvd set that arrived last night. Again, I have to admit that I am finding the series to be pretty darn good. My attitude for this first week is to work along with a different workout each night, and then see what I want to do with the resource. I did 33 minutes before a phone call pulled me away from the routine, and that was probably about as much as I should have done if I want to be able to move tomorrow. Still, I rather like the way the routine works different angles in sequence, repeats sequences without leaving you feel like you have no idea what the move should be like, and pushes you much further than you would ever do on your own in that time.

What do I not like? The humour is not really mine. The extreme nature of the 90 day plan seems a little forced. Other than that I have been pretty impressed at what I am getting for my $150: a training program that I can work with forever that costs about the same as three personal trainer sessions. The one thing that may cause problems next week…the pull up bar that I do not own, and probably would be unable to use. The Bowflex Dumbbells are wonderful though, and the fact that I do not need five different pairs on the floor is a godsend. Well-made, over-priced, but perfect for this type of routine. So far…so good.


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