The New Diet as P90X tries to kill me

Food is one of the major deciding factors of who we become and how we feel. My graduating thesis for my M.A. in Literature focused on how incorporation creates us. In other words, we are what we eat. For the past week and a half I have been rebuilding my diet and taking a close look at what I am eating. The plan is to lower my blood pressure through diet and exercise, so that I do not require pills now or ever. Big challenge, but I am usually up for anything.

The challenge so far has been to remain eating consistently throughout the day while still eating smaller portions and to introduce superfoods such as kale, seeds, honey and berries. It is easy to overeat carbohydrates, but I still need to eat a portion if I am to exercise with any energy. I am attempting to choose the most raw forms while adding making the ratio lean towards vegetable or fruit.

Kale, rapini and dandelion greens have been wonderful so far. Adding the egg to the wilted salad also gave a rich flavour while not being too heavy. No butter, no salt and only one egg. I would have liked a bit more protein to fill me up, but this was a snack before the dinner of paella with seafood.

Making sure that V. gets enough food, and that I am still on target for losing weight is tricky, but the portion reduction is helping. I was able to enjoy a good amount of the seafood paella without feeling heavy afterwards. Had I added chorizo sausage to the mix, then it would not have been as light. Being in Spain this summer really helped me come closer to having a beautifully authentic dish.

To round the high grain, vegetable and fruit dinners of small proportions, V. practiced her baking skills with two decisively non-healthy desserts: a choux-paste blini with whipped cream and strawberries, and a home-made apple pie. The key is to not deny my body of a few treats, but also making sure that the portion is small and surrounded by healthy food on all sides. Frankly, cutting out the Coca-Cola, breads and processed comfort foods seems to be making all the difference. I should hear this week as to whether there is any gluten allergy to deal with, but that will be another challenge altogether.

Finally, I did the Ab Ripper X workout with V. last night, and I can no longer move properly. I think my legs stopped working about 8 minutes into the 16 minute workout. I am still enjoying the P90X challenges, but know that it will be a long time of steady work to get to a point where I am able to get all of the way through the workouts without tiring to exhaustion.

My dog, India, and I are now having a beard growing contest in anticipation for a cold Fall. I think that she will win, but I thought it would be fun to let my beard grow to fullness at least once in my life. In the meantime, Avid seems to have made an odd error of releasing a new version of Pro Tools this weekend at a high cost; users are up in arms. I will not be needing the upgrade at this stage as version 10 works beautifully for my needs, but I do fear that it signals a distant need to upgrade my Digidesign 002 rack system, which is not what I want to do. I guess that I should have learned by now that change is the only constant in the creative world. So be it.


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