Juicing: Part Two of the Plan

First Juice made with BrevilleThe process of finding a new healthy life is never easy. The first few weeks are always spent trying to lower my base weight so that heavy exercise becomes easier. As I have gotten older, the first big push has gotten harder; age will do that to the body. Fortunately, I am smarter, have more resources and my willpower is pretty intense these days, so I am holding my own. My studio is full of empty boxes from the new gym equipment, a new Breville juicer and a phenomenal Withings body scale unit.

Most people who want to lose weight have the best of intentions, but easily become discouraged and quickly return to their old ways. In my past I have tended to carry most of the lifestyle changes forward, but natural aging and calories catch up with me and then I find myself back to square one after a few years. Frankly, I am just sick of being bothered worrying about my health when I travel, and if it means rebuilding new foundations, then I can do that. I should mention that I feel healthier than usual, and my usual cold has left me untouched. I feel good, and that matters.

The P90X is back on tomorrow with Kenpo X. The Ab Ripper X really took a toll on my hip flexors, and despite a 2km run yesterday to work out the strain I needed another day to stretch and rest. I am looking forward to it, and that says something.

Next up was getting a body scale. I have never owned one. I could always just feel how much had to go by how my pants fit, but now the challenge is not cosmetic. I need to know the numbers like my BMI, my fat versus muscle ratio and my weight if I am going to radically alter my blood pressure to the positive. A colleague mentioned that Apple featured this digital monster that transmitted your info through wi-fi to your phone and computer. Being able to see my progress and transgressions has proven to be informative, and it is easy to keep all of this knowledge on my phone for reference on the journey.

Lastly, V. and I decided to give juicing a try after watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Sunday. Yes, I know juicing is questionable for a few scientific minds, but to me and V., it made sense. I like juices based on vegetables, but they are so expensive in the stores ($5-8 a litre), and they are still fairly processed. I decided to fork for a Breville Juicer Fountain Elite, and this is a mother of a machine. It feels like a solid, longer term investment that will just make better quality juice. Even if it saves me on vitamins or juice or health costs, then I am more than paying for the machine.

What shocked me with the first try…just how much fruit and veg you need to make a fair amount of juice. My first concoction was made with three pears, a stick of celery a clove of garlic, two bunches of kale and an apple. It tasted wonderful, fresh and clean. The garlic even gave it a nice earthy tone. I can only drink one glass tonight, but will try the rest for breakfast tomorrow morning. Yes, I know it will not be as “fresh” but that is much better than the orange juice in the market that is more than a few weeks old.

Where next? Photography is in its sleepy season, so I have time to devote to my health this month. Tomorrow, I should have more thoughts on the juicer, P90X and then I might review the Vega meal replacement drinks and bars I have been using to start my day since I seldom have time to eat breakfast properly, except for weekends. Vegan-based, these have become way to get my day started with something other than the three espressos I normally drank.



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