Kenpo X Meets Beet Juice – Protein Bars and Fruits

Beets, Carrots, GingerKenpo X…last night’s workout felt like an aerobic class with ninjas, but I have to admit that once I learned the combos it went pretty well. I ended up doing the first 33 minutes and ending with the 100 punches from horse stance and the stretch. I am really enjoying doing the first half hour of each program, and would be happy to remain there for quite some time. I can see how if you were beginning from zero to doing the whole P90X routine, then you would quickly abandon it as mere lunacy. Still, there are a lot of great moves to take away from each routine even if you choose not to use the videos for each workout.

The Kenpo X workout is basically a series of karate/boxing puches and kick combos done as 25 rep combinations. My major challenge with the workout was to learn the combo properly and find a timing. I found that saying the combo with each rep [jab/cross/uppercut] helped my brain learn the motions…but it would not help in a street fight. I would discount Kenpo X as being any type of martial arts training, per se. It does quicken your reflexes and the amount of reps will make such combos available to your subconscious, but unless you knew the science behind the move, then it would be lost. Having taken karate and judo, I would assert that to do the punches with torsion [twisting your limbs through the punch] would take longer per rep than they provide. Still, it was a great cardio workout.

Over the past two weeks I have been able to stabilize my blood pressure and take off 6 pounds, while feeling stronger and more alert. Juicing is an unexpected way to enjoy fruit and vegetables that I would never consume if I had to chew all of the fibre involved. Last night it was a beet juice made with one beet, two large carrots, and a bulb of ginger. While it was a beautifully dark red, I have to admit that more ginger would have brought the flavours of the beet out more into the forefront.

Tonight, I thought I would go with a sweet juice made from pears and apples. It ended up being a cross between a cider and a nice pear dessert. I have found the whole process to be pretty easy; cleaning up is not as involved as many other people complain, but then it may be the Breville Juicer Elite.

Finally, I have been using the VEGA bars to supplement my diet. It is important to note that I eat no more than one of these a day, and I use them to replace meat or to settle cravings for breakfast. The first one I tried was the green packaged Vibrance Bar. Strangely enough, the bar is green on the inside, too. I bought a box of these for about $35, and I appreciate the convenience and clean taste of the bars. The second one I tried was a Chocolate Saviseed Protein Bar, which is supposed to help with recovery after workouts. This is one of the best bars I have ever eaten…period. I love the flavours and the texture. However, I imagine that this is not the healthiest option at 270 calories, but then again if it stops me from eating a hamburger, then it would be worth it. The final bar, an Acai Berry Endurance Bar, was just okay. I am not a big fan of the flavour, but all of these bars are better than the PowerBars or Cliff Bars that I usually eat when travelling – you never know when you need to get away from the 15th tagine or 12th serving of dodgy meat.

As I have been quiet in the photography front, I have been working with the Canon 50mm f.1.2 lens, and my fun experimentation with juices has let me build up a full series of juices based on the exact same set-up.

Please note: Anthony N. Chandler does not receive payment of any kind for reviews of random items and services he likes.


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