On The Beard, Pikto Gallery Submissions, and a Healthier Lifestyle

Best to begin at the beginning…so let us start with a PhotoBooth shot of me today. I have spent the past 19 days working on rebuilding my body’s health. I suppose that I have spent a week on top of that growing my first full beard. While I would be the first to admit that I have a long way to go before I could claim world supremacy, I would assert that I am doing a not-too-bad-job. V. thought that it might be fun if I at least took a few photos with the beard as it grows, and frankly there is no easier way than to just snap in PhotoBooth.

What have I been up to since my last P90X workout? I have been resting a bit from the P90X, because frankly I was not getting near as much sleep as I should be. I went for 30 minutes of cardio running downstairs, and that felt pretty good. While school is always hectic at this time of year, I am finding that a little more sleep goes a long, long way to getting me through the day without coffee. The new diet is focusing more on raw foods, macrobiotic Japanese-based foods and my juicer juices [tonight is an interesting apple, celery and ginger juice]. I am consistently losing weight, lowering my blood pressure and feeling like the old me.

On the photography front, I have just submitted fifteen landscape photographs from my past three years of travels to be considered for an exhibition at Pikto Gallery. The competition is stiff and it is quite difficult to find 15 images that work coherently for an exhibition contest. Last night, V. and I collected 15 images from her six months in southern Africa, and those should be uploaded later in the week. It’s interesting to see those two collections in contrast, because hers are vibrantly colourful and teeming with amazing wildlife portraits while mine focus on a ghostly, nostalgic landscape series in black and white. You can check out my collection – and kindly vote for me – at the Pikto Online Gallery:



2 responses to “On The Beard, Pikto Gallery Submissions, and a Healthier Lifestyle

  1. Wow. My eyes are locked.

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