The Day When Photography Runs Scarlet: The RED Scarlet-X

I would love to pretend to be one of those photographers who feels that Jim Jannard and RED are a ridiculous company who makes promises they cannot keep. But I have to admit that if there is one camera that has set my imagination on overload, then it has to be the mysterious RED Scarlet.

Before I “got into” photography, the RED One camera promised to be an upgradeable machine for the future, built to the Oakley-guru’s super standards and design beauty. Alas it has been 4-5 years since I first came across RED, and frankly the wold has changed. In eight minutes, however, the RED Scarlet will finally be available for shipment. I am excited. I am curious. I am wondering just how much impact the Scarlet can have on the Canon/Hasselblad/Phase One companies?

Not having seen the camera specs and price yet, so I think that I would buy one this year? [good question] I would only buy one if I could use my Canon 50mm and 135mm lenses AND the Hasselblad lenses via an adapter. If this comes out with a fixed lens…nope. I am not interested. The reality is that no matter how great the zoom would be, it would not provide me with a wide enough variety of options to migrate from Canon, Hasselblad and Leica, from film, and from what will probably be about $5000-7000 in cold, hard cash.  26  minutes nto go….

Canon just announced their $20,000 C300 camera…ummm it is ugly, and I am surprised that this was the best that Canon could hobble together. I was sure that they were going to announce something so far beyond RED just to permanently eliminate them from the game. The C300 looks like a weak copy of the Epic RED camera.  What could Canon be thinking?

Next in the drama is the Peter Lik photo using a Scarlet in Las Vegas. I have no idea how this file was created, but, like most of Lik’s work, it is extraordinary. This file must be giant and the dynamic range must be HDR like. Hard to argue with the file’s clarity and brilliance. Frankly, if this is what the Scarlet is actually shooting, then the game just changed for the entire industry. Apparently, this print will be featured at tonight’s release.

Well…kind of sad, really. The RED site basically appeared to crash from people scrambling to get on, which makes the whole melodramatic announcement for today seem ridiculous. The word on the street is that get a “running” model will cost about $14000 with a Canon mount. Compare that to the actual Canon and the differences seem minimal…except that Canon’s site did not crash…makes me wonder about the camera. Will it crash just as easily?

One hour later and the site is still offline. I am going to go to bed and dream about big sheets of film instead of big digital sensors that stop working when batteries die. Ooops, the site just went online… but is loading like a sled dog in the desert. It is a funny old world.

Oh, and did I mention that Hasselblad is also offering an X camera, along with the Canon 1Dmk X and now the Scarlet X.  Sigh…Apple has done X. Find a new Roman numeral, please. Who went to advertising school in your company? Well, my imagination will need to stay on overload, because despite all of RED’s hype for tonight, there is no type.



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