Photoshop, Giant Salads and an Early Morning Cycle

I am wiped out. Even though I was not teaching, I had a busy day. Today was my chance to participate in professional development, so I chose to attend the Kelby Training Photoshop workshop in downtown Toronto. I had attended this workshop before a few years back, but this year’s seminars taught me many big new techniques to improve my workflow and up my speed. The big three things I learned about today: Smart Objects, Blending and how to control Content Aware. All three of these techniques are critical to ensuring that the upcoming yearbook will be better than the one before. Overall, it was a steal at $89 for the day – it was packed to the rafters though – mostly with retired men, I would say.

Before heading to the workshop I dragged my lifeless body out of bed to go for a bicycle ride. I had a new gadget for this ride, Cyclemeter, which is an app that turns my iPhone 4 into a GPS that tracks where I rode and how quickly based on location. I have to admit that I was pretty impressed that it worked; if anyone had told me a year ago that I would be able to use my iPhone to track my bicycle ride, my blood pressure, my weight and take photos with it, too…this phone is ridiculously useful, and maybe be one of the best items I have for improving my quality of life. I mean how cool is it to go for a bicycle ride and be able to see just how far you went on a map as soon as you stop? Cool.

The ride was cold. My body has not yet adapter to riding a racing bicycle yet, but it will in another week. It felt really great to be out there in the morning air with the geese, the ducks and the water. It might snow tomorrow, so that will test just how committed to getting back riding I am. I am probably going to need padded bicycle shorts soon, and that can only lead to other weird outfits that make me look European in the bad way.

Lunch was a challenge. The Metro Convention Centre is like a zoo at noon, and the food choices are weak. I thought that I would head to the wine bar at Longo’s near the Air Canada Centre, but it, like everything else in the area was packed. In the end I decided to compromise and do like many of the local office workers; I grabbed a salad at their “cold bar”. The first thing I have to say is that this was a luxurious salad bar with the freshest and healthiest ingredients that I have seen this side of Chicago. The second thing is that I bought a giant salad that ended up costing me…wait for it…$15.83. At first I was shocked, but then when I actually looked at the substance, it was actually a great deal because I could never have assembled such a variety for so little.

My clothes dryer died. Uggh, I hate wet towels. It is just a stupid thing, but I know the landlady will get it fixed within a week – just made me glad that I rent my space and do not need to track down a man. I am missing V. this week, too. It sounds like she is doing fascinating work up in Thunder Bay, even if she cannot share much due to client confidentiality. Now if I could only figure out how to make a healthy, warm, tasty dinner for tonight that requires very little effort.


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