Eat, Sleep, Lose and Win

I have been steadily making my way through my health and wellness experiment, and have enjoyed the process of learning more about my body. It has been challenging to come to grips with the fact that coffee, wine and meat are harder for me to consume as I become healthier. It is also challenging when I have to admit that I would rather feel good and only be able to have a glass of juice versus a glass of wine. As I have moved towards a healthier regimen, I have moved away from meat, which is new for me. I have always enjoyed steak, duck and lamb, but those choices now make me feel really heavy and slow – plus, I am having a mini-crisis about eating animals when I do not have to. Eggs and fish seem to do a pretty good job of filling that gap, but we will see as time passes.

Last night was my first attempt to use the Zeo Bedside sleep manager. With a Wonder Woman headband on, I gave it a try. I had no problems keeping the monitor on through the night, and it was easy enough. Unfortunately, my fears about not sleeping well were clearly true. According to my sleep score of 63, I am only getting 6:23 hours of sleep, and I woke up five times during the night. Basically, I am sleep-deprived and that is probably what has been causing my blood pressure issues on some level. I will be working through their sleep coaching to see if I cannot raise my ZQ to the 80 score I should be at for my age group.

The other feedback machine, the Withings Scale, I have been using on a daily basis has taught me a lot about how my body loses weight. First, I gain weight, and then I lose it in an interesting pattern. What you are not seeing from the screenshot above are the beginning weights and the current weights, which continue the trend. So from the 201.5 pounds I began at I am now at 193.1 this morning and my fat ratio has gone from 32% to 28.1%. What is neat though is seeing that the rises and fall ratio remains the same while the overall progression is downwards.

I went out for a ride through the wind yesterday afternoon, and it feels really good to be out there. The Argon 18 Krypton that I am riding feels like it is part of my body, and it responds to any input that I give it. I would definitely give this bicycle two thumbs up, and know that despite the cost this was a good purchase for me at this time in my life. I also picked up an actual cycling jersey, so that I could carry my iPhone and keys without them being lost.

While Christmas shopping I stopped in to Whole Foods to pick up food for a dinner I hosted for an old friend and his wife. I also stopped into La Societe Bistro on Bloor. It is a new venture being run out of where Dynasty Dim Sum used to be. The vibe was classic French bistro, and service was lovely, but the Eggs Florentine were..well…bland. Still, a $20 bunch in that area and in nice surroundings made it a place I would return to with V.

As for the photography…only I would send out a request to friends to vote for my  top rated photos in the Pikto Top Pick competition to have my high score drop significantly – from 98 to 65 – ha ha ha. I imagine that my friends thought they were giving me 5 stars, but somehow gave me two, or they did not actually provide their email addresses, which is how Pikto ensures there is no cheating. Oh well, that is how life can be sometimes. Kodak has sent me a few complimentary rolls of Portra 160 and 400 film to let me test the Hasselblad and Leica lenses for my website, which I hope to be able to do next weekend.


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