Relocation: Black Friday, World Vision and Keeping the Faith

I am sleep deprived. At least that is what my Zeo Bedside Monitor is telling me, as I looked at the week’s reports. Apparently, I am waking up 4-7 times a night, and getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night – despite my attempts to go to bed early. I am not really certain as to how I want to proceed on that front, but I do know that sleep is going to be key if I am going to continue improving my health beyond   a basic level of wellness.

I received a letter last night from World Vision that regretfully informed me that my sponsored child has been relocated and is “lost” to the organization. At first I was quite upset, and went through a bit of a grieving process, I suppose. This particular child had been sponsored for almost four years by me, and while I had not really made contact with her, I did feel like I was enriching her life, even if only in a minor financial way. My initial reaction was to abandon the organization, but then I decided that an act of charity is not about me r the person receiving assistance, but rather about the action in itself. As long as I support a child, regardless of to what ends, it is an important act to remind me of how fortunate I am and have been in my own life. Others have supported me, and my recent success has enabled me to do the same for another child.

I have been working with ProTools 9 this week, and have re-recorded the song “Other Side of Wonderful” that I wrote four years ago, but was unable to produce properly due to my relocation. These days I have the space and the equipment neatly racked so that I can record parts and then come back to redo the vocals. Frankly, the sound quality is mesmerizing. To have gone from desperately trying to record guitar onto a cassette tape to the first days of digital audio to this is simply amazing. Facebook and WordPress do not allow for MP3s to load and play. You can hear the Pro Tools 9 mix at

Onto other technology…it is Black Friday today and the deals have been pretty darn decent. My mother had been wanting to avoid being left behind in the digital age, so after many hums and haws we finally decided to go with an iPad 2. The apps, the portability and the basic inter-connectibility make this ideal for a first-time user trying to learn how to surf the net, display photos or watch movies. Apple had a minor percentage off of most of their hardware, so we were able to save $100 in total.

I was also able to pick up Native Instruments’ Abbey Road Drums and New York Piano digital instruments today for 50% off, which is just brilliant. The two instruments that I struggle with the most, but that are the most important to the final mix, are drums and piano. Until now the sample players and drum machines included in Pro Tools or Reason just do not have that “real” feel. I want acoustic feel, but without needing to mic a drum kit in my living room.


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