Through the Valley of the Dead: Waiting for Your Body to Adjust to Change

The hardest part of making any serious life change is that serious changes will happen, and that means that the effects may not always be lovely. In my case, my body just feels awful because it is starting to feel better – the irony is clear. The real key to success is making sure that one does not give up on the wellness process just because the sickness is leaving your body and manifesting itself on its way out. Lethargy, poor skin and weakness are all common side effects for me just before I escape the cycle of poor health. It is my body’s way of both expelling the toxins as it heals, and it is a way for the body to try to resist change by making it difficult. I also hurt my back while bending over to grab the dog leashes; I cannot wait until these symptoms are replaced by the good feelings. I am down 11 pounds since I started 6 weeks ago, which does feel pretty darn good.

To counter the desire to surrender, I have been trying to explore every new physical activity that I can: rowing, running,  cycling, P90X, yoga, weight training, massage therapy, monitoring my sleep patterns and checking in on my weight patterns. Through the act of confusion, my body is able to let go of the habits and heal – the problem is that when one area begins to improve [such as blood pressure] another area screams for attention [sleep deprivation] and then another [muscle tightening]. The only way out is through.

I have found that being able to quantify my progress has been exceptionally motivating. All of these strange gadgets like the Zeo Bedside, the blood pressure monitor, the Withings Scale and the iPhone apps to display my readouts, have each made the fuzziness of progress into a clear progression. Now that winter is gripping Toronto, I have had to take the bicycle indoors and put it onto a new Kurt Kinetic Road Machine trainer. It is my favourite green, and it made so much more sense for me to buy a bike and trainer versus an indoor spinning bike. It came with a set-up and Spinervals dvd, so we will have to see how that works. I do not really buy into the whole “it is so boring” problem. If it is boring, then you are not pushing hard enough, and since when was exercise anything but a little boring? I will review the trainer once I have had some time with it in practice.

I also picked up an Ironman Race Trainer Pro heart rate monitor to ensure that I am getting the most out of the time I do have. Do not worry about my heart rate, I had just taken a hot, hot bath to stretch my back out, so my rate is elevated. The best part about that is that I can upload the info to Training Peaks to track my progress. I have never tried to use a heart rate monitor before, so this should be an exciting experience. I went with the Timex for two reasons: I have always used Timex Ironman watches and they are reliable, and I really just want a simple, inexpensive heart rate monitor that can upload to the computer. The weird part about the Race Trainer Pro is that it sits sideways on my wrist. I am not sure how that will feel, but I have had other watches by Timex wherein they are slanted, and they worked okay. The blinding, Apple-Friendly white also is odd, but I liked how it was going to stand out from my other Timex – the one that controls my iPod wirelessly when I travel on planes or the motorcycle.

Missing V. a lot. Regardless, from what I have heard the practicum in Thunder Bay has been wonderful, and I am looking forward to heading up there on the second week of my March Break for some northern exposure. I promised V. to put a photo of India on the blog. It is nice to at least have the puppies here when V. is gone. They are rather sleepy tonight, but India did a rare pose for the camera.

Note: Anthony N. Chandler has not received any corporate sponsorship for this blog. When I do receive products or materials, there will always be full disclosure.


4 responses to “Through the Valley of the Dead: Waiting for Your Body to Adjust to Change

  1. Anthony, great post about the beginning of your journey and all the tools you use! Have you connected your Withings to TrainingPeaks yet?

    • David,
      Yes, I just connected the Withings scale to TrainingPeaks this week. Frankly, TrainingPeaks seems to be the best place to drop most of my metrics, especially since I now have the Timex version with the purchase of the RaceTrainer Pro.

      • David Criswell

        Great to hear Anthony. If you haven’t already seen it, Zeo’s ZQ score is an available metric in TrainingPeaks and if you have the Withings blood pressure cuff that can be linked too.

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